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Accelerating the transition to a sustainable future

The private credit space is a key component of Europe’s transition to a greener, more equitable and competitive future. We are ideally placed to support the scaling of new technologies as well as enabling existing businesses to align with the new paradigm.

Windmills on a field at dusk

Funding technologies ready to scale

To us, impact investing is not a vertical. Instead we finance the sustainability transition through all our funds. Our ability to support technologies that are ready to scale but not ready for commercial funding creates a clear alpha for us while it also accelerates critical technological achievements in the early scaling phase.

Proven sustainability linked funding

Our 20 years have shown us that companies can achieve significant competitive advantages by actively improving sustainability aspects. We have also seen how inadequate handling of material risks can negatively affect business success. As a result, we introduced sustainability linked loans already in 2014 and they continue to be a core component of our portfolio engagement.

Focusing on where you are heading

We believe that small and medium-sized companies are essential stewards of the sustainable transition. Enabling entrepreneur led companies to invest in sustainable technologies

When partnering with new companies, we never expect to find perfection or even that the transition path is fully figured out. We do however expect value alignment, for our partners to see themselves as part of the long-term solution and that they are eager to collaborate with us on getting there.

SFDR & Responsible Investment Policy

All P Capital funds are categorised as Art 8 products under Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (the “SFDR”). For more information on how we integrate sustainability into our decision making process and annual review, please see our Sustainability-related Disclosures and our Responsible Investment Policy