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Providing flexible credit solutions to Northern European companies

We act as a strategic financial partner to European entrepreneurs, private companies and their owners and management teams.

PCP is the leading, independent non-bank lender providing tailor made debt financing solutions primarily to Northern European midsized companies. With our roots in Proventus AB, founded in 1969, we have been executing our debt investment strategy since 2002. With an investment team fully dedicated to credit investing, we have a track record of acting as a long term financial and strategic partner to owners and entrepreneurs.

We seek to invest in companies primarily located in Northern Europe, which have a strong market position, are reasonably mature, have a proven cash flow generation capacity and can demonstrate a valid business plan. We generally provide debt financing to mid-sized companies in conjunction with:

Expansions and acquisitions
Expansions and acquisitions that cannot be fully financed with bank debt and where the acquirer/owner is unwilling or unable to raise equity.

Refinancings and working capital needs
Maturing debt that is not possible to refinance fully through the banking system and working capital financing for growing, yet profitable businesses.

Situations where the capital structure does not match the operational performance – capital used to refinance part of senior debt and/or provide additional liquidity.

Ownership changes (buy-outs, partial exits or successions)
One or several owners wish to divest their holdings to the remaining owners or fund other business activities.

We focus on problem solving and have a broad mandate to provide a wide range of loan solutions to be able to tailor each loan for the specific situation:

We have the ability to provide all capital instruments from senior debt to preferred equity, including undrawn but committed capex and acquisition facilities.

Proventus acts as a financial partner to be able to support the company and its owners in opportunities and challenges. We aim to be flexible capital providers and if needed, we are able to increase financial support as the borrower grows.

We offer a contractual cost of capital, i.e. no interference with the shareholders’ interests or upside.Our investment tickets range from EUR 10 million to EUR 150 million.

In addition to providing direct loans to European companies, we also invest on a selective basis in the primary and secondary markets for high-yield bonds.

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