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Jaqueline Lindmark - PEI Rising Star

Jaqueline joined PCP 2019 and has since then been involved in several deals, and most recently, Hima Seafood and The Kingfish Company.

Jaqueline said when joining PCP
“My goal is to continue to build on the successful investing history of PCP and to support our strong position in this fast-growing market.
Hopefully I can contribute with my previous experience and assist the team in our future ventures”

PEI writes:
Through her dedicated work during the past three years in exploring the credit viability of land-based aquaculture farming,
Jaqueline Lindmark’s efforts have directly contributed to the financing of two large land-based aquaculture farming projects for a total of €150
million, in an industry that had up until now only been funded by equity, government grants and local banks.
She has pioneered the use of private debt funds within the industry.
Land-based aquaculture farming projects form an important part of future sustainable protein production and future investments
within the space are needed to reduce the carbon footprint of protein production and protect the biodiversity of the seas.

PCP is proud to have Jaqueline as part of the team and we all value her as a colleague.

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