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PCP supports Ukraine with electricity

PCP is providing support for an effort to bring small electricity plants to Ukraine. Two trucks with electric power plants will be driven to Ukraine in January and more will come once more funds are raised for this effort. The trucks will be used based on where the local organization believes they are most needed. Some intended areas of use are hospitals, schools and smaller communities that lacked electricity longer time.

The cars are Scania 81s that spent most of their time in mob-storage. They have been used very little but serviced regularly, which ensures that they can be useful for a long time to come.
The electric unit itself is built on a Scania engine and delivers 100 kilovolt-amperes. The cars will be serviced and registered before they are delivered.

The recipient organization in Ukraine is Filippus. The organization has 30 years of experience in aid to Ukraine. Vasakyrkan in Kalmar (vasakyrkan.nu) is arranging the collection and fundraising and volunteers from Vasakyrkan will drive the trucks.

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